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Manas Mukherjee, Director for National Quantum Fabless Foundry and PI for Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), is an IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 Conference Speaker

Manas Mukherjee, the Director of National Quantum Fabless Foundry and a PI at the Centre for Quantum Technologies is an IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 Speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 11 Apr 2024

At the IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim conference, a notable presentation is expected from Manas Mukherjee, the National Quantum Fabless Foundry Director and an esteemed Principal Investigator & Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT). With a prolific background spanning over a decade in quantum technologies, Mukherjee has established himself as a leading figure in quantum system development in Singapore under the Quantum Engineering Program 2.0.

Under Mukherjee’s leadership, the National Quantum Fabless Foundry is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering the development and support of quantum technologies within Singapore. The focus areas of the foundry include superconducting qubits, ion traps, Si-donor, and photonic integrated circuits, with strategic collaborations with the Institute of Micro Electronics (IME), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This endeavor represents a significant national effort to position Singapore at the forefront of quantum technology development and application.

Mukherjee’s Principal Investigator and Associate Professor role at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) further underscores his commitment to advancing quantum research and education. His tenure as an associate professor at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, coupled with his foundational research during his Ph.D. at GSI, Darmstadt, has laid a robust groundwork for his contributions to the quantum field.

Educated at Heidelberg University, he obtained his PhD in Experimental Physics, followed by foundational studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Mukherjee brings knowledge and experience to the quantum community. His insights into the development and challenges of quantum systems are invaluable to the ongoing dialogue around quantum technologies’ potential and implementation.

IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim conference attendees can anticipate an engaging session with Mukherjee, during which he will share the latest advancements and collaborative efforts underway at the National Quantum Fabless Foundry. His presentation is expected to highlight the innovative approaches and partnerships crucial to realizing quantum technologies’ full potential, not only in Singapore but as part of a global quantum ecosystem.

IQT Vancouver · Pacific Rim 2024: Quantum Computing, Communications, and Security—Pathways to Real-World Solutions.

With Vancouver as North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, IQT and the Quantum Algorithms Institute are bringing together partners across North America and Asia to showcase the state of quantum computing, communications, and security. This international conference moves beyond the quantum hype to profile quantum computing, communications technologies, and quantum expertise in real-world settings. Sessions will highlight practical applications of quantum algorithms and networking in pharmaceuticals, transportation, finance, and more industries. Attendees will include industry and government executives, end-users, and investors who will learn about the latest developments in these technologies, pathways for companies to get ready for quantum solutions, and ethics and policy considerations in this fast-growing industry.

Register for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 here. 

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