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Making Quantum Computing Useful

By IQT News posted 23 Feb 2021

(Axios) New research shows how quantum computing can be used effectively on real-world problems.
Researchers from the quantum computing company D-Wave and Google demonstrated that D-Wave’s system could simulate a programmable quantum magnetic system more than 3 million times faster than corresponding classical methods. “This isn’t some made-up example that is only designed to showcase the DNA of a quantum computer,” says Andrew King, director of performance research at D-Wave.
Why it matters: The problem the study tackles — which has its roots in research that won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2016 — is taken from the real world, albeit the highly complex real world of exotic matter.
The research also demonstrated one of the advantages of quantum computing: its ability to more accurately simulate reality, which will be useful for material sciences and optimization problems in logistics.

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