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Light-Based Quantum Processors, Or Optical Computers, Closer to Reality Than Ever

By IQT News posted 08 Aug 2019

(Edgy.app) Our everyday computers use electrons as information carriers. But while electrons have accommodated us for decades, they’re already starting to show signs of obsolescence. Photons, or elementary particles of light, have been suggested as potential information carriers for future computer’s speed and energy needs.
A switch to optical computers is gradually being made, as more of optically-enhanced computers are developed than fully photonic computers. Engineers are rethinking the whole system, taking it one issue at a time.
Tesearchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), announced they have created what they call quantum light sources. “This constitutes a first key step towards optical quantum computers. Because for future applications the light sources must be coupled with photon circuits, waveguides for example, in order to make light-based quantum calculations possible.”
According to the team, their quantum light sources are theoretically indistinguishable engineering-wise. Meaning, they can be integrated without problem into existing photon circuits.

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