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Latest Report from IQT: ‘Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Markets: 2019 to 2028’

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By IQT News posted 30 Apr 2019

(InsideQuantumTechnology) The Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) market will grow to over $980 million by 2024 compared to around $85 million this year. So says the industry analyst firm, Inside Quantum Technology, in its latest report “Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Markets: 2019 to 2028.” This 100-page report is available now for purchase. Click here to preview a sample and a full table of contents. This report identifies all the opportunities in the QKD space as well as their revenue potential. It also discusses the latest QKD R&D and standards setting.
About the report:
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a major encryption technology designed to protect critical data in the quantum computing era. When Inside Quantum Technology published its first report on QKD in 2016, QKD was still mostly experimental and aimed at government/military markets. Today, the addressable market for QKD is expanding to business users and infrastructure providers, such as telephone companies.
Strategic profiles of 21 leading firms supplying QKD systems and related components are also provided. The report discusses how each firm is positioned for the QKD market, how their product/market strategies will evolve, and how they are being financed. Firms covered in these profiles include ABB, Fujitsu, ID Quantique, MagiQ, Nokia, NTT, Nucrypt, QuantumXChange, Quintessance Labs, Raytheon, Toshiba and others including leading telephone companies and startups.
This report provides ten-year market forecasts of QKD revenues and shipments for equipment and sub-systems. These forecasts are broken out by product and technology type, application, end-user industry, and end-user geography. The report also examines the latest R&D and QKD standards making and the use of QKD in civilian government; military, intelligence and domestic security; financial services; telecommunications; data centers; mobile communications; and the Internet-of-Things.

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