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Klaus Jöns of Paderborn, ‘Physicists Alone Cannot Bring Quantum Technologies to Market’

By IQT News posted 11 Nov 2020

(SiliconRepublic) Dr Klaus Jöns of Paderborn University became a researcher and is now aiding efforts to develop photonic quantum technologies.
In September this year, he started as a full professor in the physics department of Paderborn University in Germany as part of the newly formed Photonic Quantum Systems Institute.
Dr. Jöns stresses, “Physicists alone cannot bring quantum technologies to market, we need to work together with engineers, computer scientists and so on. We see this change slowly happening and I am happy being part of it with the multidisciplinary Photonic Quantum Systems Institute.”
In a profile both professional and personal, Jöns explains, “My grandfather. He was a professor in German language and literature, as well as doctor in philosophy and history. When I was eight years old and was asked what I want to become, I always said: “What my grandfather is, but in mathematics.” At that time, I did not know about physics in school.”
Jöns works on solid-state quantum light sources and their applications. I have to admit that I was very lucky to have a great high school education. I had a fantastic physics teacher who said ‘What is…?’ are the hardest questions to answer because a lot of things have different interpretations, which became more clear when we starting talking about ‘what is light’.
He was fascinated by light and focused my studies at university on semiconductor, quantum optics and photonics. I started my PhD on semiconductor nanostructures as quantum light sources. Back in 2009, he thought he would not find a professor position in this field.

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