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Japan Wants to Help Shape the Era of Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 13 Sep 2021

(MarketTelecast) When it comes to quantum computers, Japan sees Germany as a rival that is worth fighting back against. The Japanese were somewhat contrite to note that the US pioneer IBM first exported its quantum computer to Germany in June. After all, IBM’s second export went into service in Japan in July.
The IBM Quantum System One is now in the Business Incubation Center of the city of Kawasaki. This it should become the catalyst of the new computer technology for the entire Japan AG in order to be able to keep up in the race for the development and application of the new computing hope with China, the USA and Germany.
How ambitious Japan’s plans are, shows the composition of the consortium that is taking care of IBM’s debut. In Germany, ten companies joined forces in June to form the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium, or QUTAC for short. The Japanese equivalent QII (Quantum Innovation Initiative) includes not only industrial groups such as Toyota, but also the major global banks MUFG and Mizuho – and as a leader of course Tokyo University, which has been in the field for years cooperates closely with IBM.
Japan’s industrial-historical legacy in particular strengthens Japan’s competitive advantage over Germany: There are not only interested industrial companies and a generous government promoting the use of quantum technology, but also Japan’s traditional computing companies that are themselves active in technology.
as measured by patents, Japanese corporations are among the technology leaders in applications such as quantum communication and encryption. According to data analyst Valuenex Japan, Toshiba leads the ranking just ahead of Huawei. NEC follows in third place, and the telecommunications and data group NTT in fifth.
The government is helping in its own way with its National Innovation Strategy for Quantum Technology. It finances one in this context Range of projects for the development of quantum technology, system architecture, circuits and materials science.
Japan continues to dream of a leading role as a manufacturer of quantum computers. There is an official one “Moonshot-Programm”whose ambitious goal is modest: “Realization of a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry and security by 2050.”

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