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ITU adopts South Korea’s standards for QKD distribution business model & QKD network service quality

By IQT News posted 17 Dec 2021

(BusinessKorea) The National Radio Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and ICT announced that the International Telecommunication Union pre-adopted four information and communication standards of South Korea as international standards and approved three standardization projects to be led by South Korea.
One of the four standards relates to a quantum key distribution network business model and another one relates to quantum key distribution network service quality parameters. The two standards are expected to provide market participant-specific business models regarding quantum cryptography communication network services and help develop applied quantum cryptography communication services.
The third standard is related to requirements for network-satellite convergence based on 5G and IMT-2020. These days, satellite communication is emerging as a way of enhancing the reliability of 5G communication and connection between satellites and existing wired and wireless networks is becoming increasingly important. “The standard is to define what is required for the connection,” the ministry explained, adding, “It will enhance the reliability of 5G communication and serve as a basis of 6G network construction.”
The fourth standard is to define technical requirements as to the functions, management and operation of containers for cloud computing environment optimization. This standard is expected to become important guidelines in the cloud market with cloud computing being increasingly adopted in various fields ranging from medical and financial to public administration.
The three projects relate to quantum communication networks of the future, architecture for quantum key distribution network service quality improvement, and service model development against infectious diseases in domestic animals. South Korea will lead the projects starting from next year.

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