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Israeli Startup Entangled Network Hopes to Emulate $7 Billion Mellanox Exit with Similar Solution to Create Quantum Supercomputers

By IQT News posted 02 Aug 2021

(TimesOfIsrael) Israel’s Entangled Networks hopes to emulate the $7 billion Mellanox exit with a similar solution to create quantum supercomputers.
In 2020, Israeli computing company Mellanox hit the headlines when it was bought for $7 billion by US computing giant Nvidia. Mellanox enables the construction of supercomputers by linking many powerful computers together.
Aharon Brodutch, CEO and cofounder of Canadian-Israeli startup Entangled Networks, is hoping that his company can emulate that success by performing a similar task for quantum computers.
“These computers have insane computational power. But there is a catch: They need millions of qubits to solve these problems, and currently the state of the art systems have less than 100 qubits. How do you take these fancy science toy projects and scale them up to the point that they can solve problems that are basically unimaginable for classical computers?” says Brodutch. “You have to go above being a science toy, and this is the solution we are providing.
Entangled Networks is developing hardware and software to connect together multiple quantum computers in order to maximize their potential. The company is developing interconnects – hardware that connects together many smaller quantum computers – eventually enabling thousands or millions of qubits to work together without creating the noise that would disrupt them if they were all part of the same device.
“It will create the holy grail of the industry,” says Eli Nir, general partner and head of investments at the Jerusalem-based equity investment platform OurCrowd, which is backing the company.

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