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Is ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Akin to Iconic Milestones Like the Turing Test or IBM’s Chess Victory Over Kasparov?

By IQT News posted 18 Nov 2019

(QuantumLeap) It’s unclear whether quantum supremacy is a meaningful milestone in the quest to build a useful quantum computer. To mention just one major obstacle (there are several), reliable quantum computing requires error correction. The catch is that quantum error correction protocols themselves demand fairly reliable qubits — and lots of them.
Quantum Supremacy a Milestone But Will Impact Be Limited?
In some ways, quantum supremacy is akin to iconic AI milestones like the Turing Test, or IBM’s chess victory over Gary Kasparov in 1997, which was also an engineering tour de force. These achievements demonstrate specialized capabilities and garner widespread attention, but their impact on the overarching goals of their respective fields may ultimately be limited.

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