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IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim update: CEO/CTO of Qunova Computing, Inc. and Professor of Electrical Engineering at KAIST, June-Koo Kevin Rhee, is a 2024 Speaker

June-Koo Kevin Rhee, CEO/CTO of Qunova Computing and Professor of Electrical Engineering at KAIST is a 2024 Speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 04 Apr 2024

Dr. June-Koo Kevin Rhee, a distinguished figure in the realm of quantum computing, will speak at the June IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim conference. Dr. Rhee’s dual roles as a professor at KAIST in Korea and the CEO/CTO of Qunova Computing, Inc. position him uniquely at the crossroads of academic research and quantum entrepreneurship. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1995, Dr. Rhee has dedicated his career to advancing quantum technologies, specializing in developing quantum software applications for chemistry modeling and AI machine learning.

As Vice Chair of the Korea Quantum Industry Association since 2022, Dr. Rhee plays a pivotal role in shaping the quantum computing landscape in Korea and beyond. His career has spanned various prestigious institutions and companies worldwide, including Princeton University, NEC Research Institute, Corning Incorporated, and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. This extensive background enriches his insights into the interdisciplinary nature of quantum computing, from quantum optics to quantum information, which he leverages successfully at KAIST.

Dr. Rhee’s leadership in founding and directing the KAIST IT Research Center of Quantum Computing for AI from 2018 to 2022 and his ongoing endeavors with Qunova Computing since 2021 underscore his commitment to bridging the gap between theoretical quantum computing advancements and their practical applications.

At the IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim conference, attendees can anticipate an engaging presentation from Dr. Rhee, wherein he will explore the latest developments in quantum computing for chemistry and AI, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities of translating quantum research into viable industry solutions.

IQT Vancouver · Pacific Rim 2024: Quantum Computing, Communications, and Security — Pathways to Real World Solutions.

With Vancouver as North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, IQT and the Quantum Algorithms Institute are bringing together partners across North America and Asia to showcase the state of quantum computing, communications, and security. This international conference moves beyond the quantum hype to profile quantum computing, communications technologies, and quantum expertise in real-world settings. Sessions will highlight practical applications of quantum algorithms and networking in pharmaceuticals, transportation, finance, and more industries. Attendees will include industry and government executives, end-users, and investors who will learn about the latest developments in these technologies, pathways for companies to get ready for quantum solutions, and ethics and policy considerations in this fast-growing industry.

Register for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 here. 

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