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IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 Update: Microsoft is a Platinum Sponsor

Microsoft is a Platinum Sponsor for the IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim Conference in June 2024
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 20 May 2024

Microsoft, a global leader in technology and innovation, has proudly announced its Platinum Sponsorship for the Inside Quantum Technology conference, IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim, scheduled for June 2024. This top-tier sponsorship underscores Microsoft’s commitment to advancing the field of quantum technology and its dedication to fostering groundbreaking developments in this rapidly evolving sector. The conference, set to take place in Vancouver, is expected to be a critical gathering for thought leaders, innovators, and professionals worldwide, focusing on the expansive potential of quantum technologies.

IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim is renowned for its comprehensive focus on the latest advancements and applications of quantum technology. It is a crucial platform for networking, collaboration, and exchanging ideas among the brightest minds in the quantum community. Microsoft’s role as a Platinum Sponsor is particularly significant, given its ongoing efforts to integrate quantum computing into practical, scalable solutions through its quantum development initiatives. This sponsorship provides Microsoft with a prominent opportunity to showcase its pioneering quantum computing technologies, engage with other industry leaders, and contribute substantially to the dialogue shaping the future of the quantum sector.

By participating in IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim, Microsoft aims to demonstrate its leadership in the quantum technology landscape and its ongoing commitment to innovation that can address global challenges. The company’s involvement is poised to highlight its achievements in developing quantum software and hardware and foster an ecosystem conducive to quantum research and application. Through this sponsorship, Microsoft reaffirms its position at the forefront of technological advancement and supports the broader mission of accelerating the development and adoption of quantum technologies.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Inside Quantum Technology for this event is expected to profoundly impact the conference, enhancing the quality and reach of the discussions and presentations. As a Platinum Sponsor, Microsoft’s support enables a richer, more diverse gathering, offering attendees unparalleled access to cutting-edge insights and perspectives in the quantum field.

IQT Vancouver · Pacific Rim 2024: Quantum Computing, Communications, and Security—Pathways to Real-World Solutions.

With Vancouver as North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, IQT and the Quantum Algorithms Institute are bringing together partners across North America and Asia to showcase the state of quantum computing, communications, and security. This international conference moves beyond the quantum hype to profile quantum computing, communications technologies, and quantum expertise in real-world settings. Sessions will highlight practical applications of quantum algorithms and networking in pharmaceuticals, transportation, finance, and more industries. Attendees will include industry and government executives, end-users, and investors who will learn about the latest developments in these technologies, pathways for companies to get ready for quantum solutions, and ethics and policy considerations in this fast-growing industry.

Register for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 here. 

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