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IQT The Hague 2024 Update: VeriQloud CEO Marc Kaplan is a Speaker

Marc Kaplan, CEO of cybersecurity company VeriQloud, will speak at IQT the Hague in the Netherlands in 2024.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 19 Dec 2023

The upcoming Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) event in The Hague, scheduled for 2024, features a distinguished lineup of speakers, among whom Marc Kaplan holds a place of prominence. As CEO of VeriQloud, Kaplan’s extensive experience in quantum information, spanning over a decade, makes him a highly anticipated speaker at this prestigious gathering. His insights and contributions to the field of quantum technology are expected to be a highlight of the event, offering valuable perspectives to attendees from various sectors.

Marc Kaplan’s journey in quantum information began with his academic pursuits. He is an alumnus of the University Paris-Sud, an institution renowned for its rigorous scientific programs. Kaplan’s early interest in quantum mechanics and information theory led him to pursue research that would later define his career. His work gained substantial momentum in Montreal, where he collaborated with Gilles Brassard, a pioneering figure best known as the co-inventor of quantum cryptography. This collaboration was instrumental in shaping Kaplan’s research trajectory, deeply influencing his later achievements.

Before founding cybersecurity company VeriQloud, Kaplan dedicated his research to exploring the intersections of quantum algorithms and classical cryptographic systems. His work in this area has been groundbreaking, focusing on using quantum algorithms to challenge and potentially break classical cryptographic systems. In addition, Kaplan has been actively involved in designing quantum-resistant alternatives, a field that has gained immense importance in the wake of quantum computing’s rapid advancement. His expertise in quantum cryptography and its implications for current security systems positions him as a leading voice in discussions about the future of secure communications.

As the CEO of VeriQloud, Marc Kaplan has transitioned from academia to the forefront of the quantum technology industry. VeriQloud is a testament to his vision of harnessing quantum technologies for practical and secure communication solutions. Under his leadership, the company has made significant strides in developing quantum communication systems that are innovative and viable for integration into existing infrastructures.

At IQT The Hague, Kaplan is expected to delve into the critical issues facing quantum technology today. His presentations are anticipated to cover various topics, from the vulnerabilities of classical cryptographic systems against quantum attacks to the development of robust quantum-resistant alternatives. His unique blend of academic research and industry experience gives him a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities ahead in the quantum era.

Kaplan’s participation in IQT The Hague is eagerly awaited by academics, industry professionals, and enthusiasts alike. His contributions to the field of quantum information are not only academically significant but also crucial for the ongoing evolution of global communication security. As quantum technology advances, the insights shared by leaders like Marc Kaplan at forums such as IQT The Hague will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

IQT The Hague 2024 is the Netherlands’ fifth global conference and exhibition. The Hague is a Quantum Technology Event focusing on Quantum Networking and Quantum Security. Ten vertical topics encompassing more than 40 panel talks from over 100 speakers will provide attendees with a deep understanding of state-of-the-art developments of the future quantum internet and the current impact of quantum-safe technologies on cybersecurity and quantum computers.

The conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers, and investors working on current developments. IQT The Hague is organized by 3DR Holdings, IQT Research, QuTech, QIA (Quantum Internet Alliance), and Quantum Delta, who will bring leading organizations and professionals together in this important event. The April conference is “in-person” to ensure maximum networking and discussion at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre in The Hague.

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Qunnect is a Platinum sponsor for the 2024 Netherlands conference, IQT the Hague.Mehdi Namazi, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of quantum company Qunnect Inc., will speak at IQT the Hague in 2024.