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IQT NYC ONLINE Hosts John Levy Discussing “The Seeqc Perspective”

By IQT News posted 03 Jun 2020

(IQT NYC ONLINE) John Levy, Co-Founder & CEO of Seeqc provided an indepth review in his presentation “The Seeqc Perspective.”  Seeqc has a global footprint with international presence across UK, EU and US, enables access to global talent pool; commercial, academic and government collaborations; and non-dilutive funding. The following is a synopsis of his presentation.

NOTE:  Seeqc is an Exhibitor in the Virtual Exhibit Hall at IQT NYC Online.

Seeqc is an acronym for “Scalable Energy-Efficient Quantum Computing”. “We are Not a startup but a spinout from Hypres, a digital RF and MRI company. We are working on application specific problems and that is why Merck invested in us.”

Merck has invested $5 Million. Seeqc has 63 issued and pending patents. Merck invested in Seeqc because they believed we are able to provide an enterprise level solution.

Levy shared that they “.  .will be announcing a larger investment in the next few weeks.”

Merck Venture Arm Invests in Quantum Computing Startup Seeqc

Merck to Become Strategic Partner of Seeqc Helping to Build ‘Application Specific’ Machine Combining Classical Computing with New Quantum Processors

Levy explained the characteristics of the Seeqc system. We made a business decision that we can build a practical technology.

Application-specific quantum computers
We are building a computing platform that is commercially scalable for targeted problem-specific applications
o Reduce system resources required to solvehigh-value problems
o Increase quantum computer performance forgiven number of qubits
o Quantum hardware and software are tightly co-designed

The industry’s first truly hybrid quantum-classical computing system with an integrated SFQ digital quantum management co-processor supported by superconductive classical logic
o Co-located in the same cryogenic system as quantum and SFQuClass DQM layers o Provide 10-40 GHz speed classical processing resources in support of quantum-
classical algorithms and error correction
o Manages digital readout and control of quantum layer
o Seeqc classical computing layer enables industry leading fast hybrid quantum- classical software

IP development 2020
o 23 new utility and provisional patent applications
o More than 40 issued patents transferred from HYPRES covering relevant superconducting technology

Levy referenced his Senior leadership team has 10+ years’ experience working together with deep tech commercialization DNA. Dr. Oleg Mukhanov is Co-CEO and CTO and Dr. Matthew Hutchings CPO.


Mr. Levy has worked at the intersection of technology and finance for more than 35 years. In 2018 Mr.Levy co-founded Seeqc, a scalable quantum computing company, where he serves as the company’s Co-CEO and Chair. From 2010-18 he served as the Chair of BioLite, a distributed clean energy company. In 2013, Mr. Levy joined the board of goTenna, an ad hoc mesh networking company. In 2011, he was named Chair of Hypres, a digital RF and MRI company, and in 2012 Mr. Levy became the founding Chair of PlusN, a carrier aggregation software company. Also in 2012, Mr. Levy joined the investment committee of the Nathan Cummings Foundation overseeing a $450m endowment and became Co-Chair in 2017, pursuing a commitment to impact investment. Mr. Levy was a founding partner from 2005-2010 of L Capital Partners, a $185m venture capital fund, where Mr. Levy led investments in the technology sector and served on seven technology company boards including WiSpry, OnPATH Technologies, HiGTek, Simparel (Exenta), Evogen, and Peek.

From 2001-2005, Mr. Levy was a partner in the Shalom Equity Fund, a seed stage tech fund based in the US and Israel. Prior to 2000, Mr. Levy served as founding CEO of ePlanet, a pioneering computer vision company funded by Interval Research and Intel Corp. During the mid-1990’s, Mr. Levy worked at Interval Research Corporation, a Palo Alto based development lab sponsored by Paul Allen. Before that he was a general partner of Ariel Securities Corp., an NASD-licensed broker/dealer specializing in venture capital and media-based investments.

Since 1997, Mr. Levy has served as a board member of the Cathay Investment Fund, a private equity fund with over $1b invested in Chinese companies. He also served on the boards of VisionSense, Adjungo Networks and Ovex and was an adviser to Tseng Labs and Advanced Medical Imaging. Mr. Levy served on the board of Bend the Arc and was chairman of the organization from 2000-2006 overseeing the merger of two non-profits.

Mr. Levy is a regular guest lecturer at Columbia University Business School and has given talks on entrepreneurial finance at Harvard Business School, M.I.T., and at numerous industry conferences including a TEDx event at Amherst College in 2014.

Mr. Levy received an A.B. from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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