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IQT Nordics Update: Mikael Johansson, CSC – Finnish IT Center for Science’s Manager for Quantum Technologies, is a 2024 Speaker

Mikael Johansson, Manager for Quantum Technologies at CSC - Finnish IT Center for Science, is an IQT Nordics Speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 09 Feb 2024

The IQT Nordics conference, set to convene in late June 2024, will feature Dr. Mikael Johansson, Manager for Quantum Technologies at CSC, The Finnish IT Center for Science. With his extensive background in academia and leadership in quantum technology initiatives, Johansson is uniquely positioned to offer insights into integrating quantum technologies within the realm of high-performance computing and the broader R&D community.

At CSC, Johansson’s role encompasses overseeing the organization’s participation in global quantum technology initiatives. He is deeply involved in exploring and facilitating the adoption of quantum technologies across various research and development communities. This involves a strategic focus on quantum-accelerated high-performance computing, which Johansson views as a pivotal component of future supercomputing ecosystems.

Johansson’s academic career spanned two decades, during which he focused on studying and teaching the quantum mechanical effects in (bio)chemistry. This experience provided him with a solid foundation in the principles and applications of quantum mechanics, enriching his understanding of quantum technologies’ potential impact across different scientific domains.

In addition to his role at CSC, Johansson holds an associate professorship in physical chemistry at the University of Helsinki. His involvement as vice-director of the Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure and as a co-founder of the Nordic-Estonian quantum computing infrastructure initiative, NordIQuEst, highlights his commitment to advancing quantum computing capabilities within Finland and the broader Nordic region.

At the IQT Nordics conference, Dr. Johansson is expected to share his vision for the future of quantum technologies in high-performance computing and the strategies for integrating these technologies into the supercomputing ecosystems. His presentation will likely cover the challenges and opportunities of implementing quantum technologies in R&D, the progress of national and regional quantum computing infrastructures, and the potential for collaborative initiatives to propel the field forward.

IQT Nordics/Helsinki, June 24-26, Aalto University, Dipoli Building, Helsinki
The second annual Nordics conference partners with Bluefors, Business Finland, The Finnish Quantum Institute, and VTT and will focus on real-world quantum technology applications.

Register for IQT Nordics here.

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