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IonQ’s Trapped-Ion Quantum Hardware Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

IonQ, a leading quantum computing company, discusses its finances with IQT News
By IQT News posted 18 Jun 2021

(TheStreet) IonQ, Inc. announced that Google Cloud customers can purchase access to its quantum computers via the Google Cloud Marketplace, making IonQ the first third-party quantum computer on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Support for IonQ’s systems is now also enabled in Cirq, Google’s open-source quantum computing framework. The integration makes IonQ’s high-fidelity 11 qubit systems available to all Google Cloud customers today, with the expectation of incorporating IonQ’s next-generation 32 qubit system later this year.
Users will immediately be able to start experimenting with IonQ’s industry-leading trapped-ion quantum systems. Developers, researchers, and enterprises alike will be able to access IonQ’s platform with just a few clicks; billing and provisioning will be handled via their existing Google Cloud accounts. Users will be able to program IonQ’s systems with the software development kit of their choice, including Cirq, Qiskit, Penny Lane, and tket, or via a custom integration with IonQ’s APIs.
With availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace, IonQ is making its solution accessible to more customers and developers,” said Amy Bray, Global Head, Google Cloud Marketplace. “We’re committed to making it easy for customers to access, subscribe to, and benefit from partner solutions via our Marketplace, and look forward to working with IonQ.”

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