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IonQ Announces Powerful Quantum Computers with 79 Trapped-Ion Qubits and 160 Stored Qubits

By IQT News posted 13 Dec 2018

(NextBigFuture) IonQ has announced two new trapped ion quantum computers with 160 stored and 79 processing qubits. This is more qubits than the best noisy superconducting quantum computers which is currently the Google 72 Qubit Bristlecone processor. Nextbigfuture interviewed IonQ and shared an extensive list of features that can be viewed by clicking on source article. The first six features listed are:
* IonQ systems are at room temperature
* IonQ manipulates ions with magnets and lasers and have software control on mostly FPGA chips
* IonQ are like atomic clocks, they do not have time limiting decoherence
* IonQ can invent and make any kind of quantum gate. It is a matter of software and tuning laser pulses.
* There are no errors from the fabrication of the qubits as the qubits are ions and not Josephson junctions.

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