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Interview with MSquared’s Laurent Who Discusses the New Berlin Office, QT Now and in 10 Years

By IQT News posted 17 Jul 2020

(CQT) Thomas Laurent, one of the founders of laser-diode maker eagleyard Photonics, has joined Scottish laser company M Squared and is setting up the German office in Berlin (see Fig. 1). This article is an interview conducted by Andreas Thoss of Laser Focus World.
Thoss asked about the excitement and challenges of ramping up a quantum technology business in these times.
Laurent responded: The COVID crisis has had a major impact in the UK, which we as Germans cannot really imagine. M Squared is taking this very, very seriously and, therefore, the priority was to follow the governmental guidance. First of all, M Squared had to bring home any staff that were abroad. That was not so easy, but we returned everyone home safely.
The lockdown has proved to be highly disruptive for many, but M Squared has adapted at pace. Our existing agile framework has translated well into planning projects and we have continued work virtually—our daily standup meetings moved to Zoom, and we’ve made great use of several other collaborative technologies.
Thoss asked about the market for quantum technologies: Quantum technology (QT) is a rapidly emerging field and still growing. Indeed, the German government has just recently announced another 2 billion Euros in funding for QT.
M Squared has established itself as a cornerstone of the emerging UK supply chain for QT. Through investment and collaboration. Laurent believes The market for QT is currently mainly driven by government programs. M Squared joined this market in the UK quite early.
An excellent interview worth the time to read.

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