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Interview with Intel’s Dr. Anne Matsuura, Director of Quantum Application & Architecture Research

By IQT News posted 11 Jan 2019

(NextPlatform) Dr. Anne Matsuura, who directs quantum applications and architecture research at Intel Labs, discusses in this interview how quantum initiatives at Intel, are feeding the next generation of chip manufacturing technologies within the company. Matsuura is originally a physicist with focus on materials used in electronics, including high-temperature superconductors with novel magnetic properties. This area forms the burgeoning discipline of quantum materials.
She explained to the interviewer that her team is focusing on one application area and that is the simulation of materials. This is twofold, one is to help us to co-design and architect Intel’s quantum computer. The other is to prove that there is an application area that will get sped up by a quantum computer. Her team is half physicists and half computer architects.

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