By IQT News posted 20 Jan 2020

(DevBlogs.Microsoft) Microsoft has opened applications for internship positions with the Microsoft Quantum team. The application is open until January 31. Click here for more inforamtion and to apply
Internships are an important part of developing a quantum-ready workforce. In this blog, Microsoft is working to demystify the internship by sharing some of the projects our past interns have worked on and how being a research intern with our team differs from being an engineering intern.
The Microsoft Quantum internship program started back in 2012 with just three research interns. The program has been growing steadily ever since, reaching a total of 21 interns during summer 2019. Research interns are typically graduate students pursuing a PhD in quantum computing or related subjects. Their internship projects involve exploring new research directions under guidance of full-time researchers on our team, resulting in a paper or even a patent. These internships can grow into a long-term research relationship, and several of our former interns have joined our team as full-time employees soon after their internships with examples.

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