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infinityQube Operational Quantum Analog Computer Is Bringing Quantum Speed to Enterprise

By IQT News posted 30 Apr 2021

(HPCWire) infinityQ Technology, Inc., a women led, engineered and managed startup, today announced its groundbreaking computer, infinityQube. The Montréal-based startup has coined its approach “quantum analog computing,” introducing a novel paradigm in the quantum space. The device is compact, energy-efficient and operates at room temperature, relying on established chip technologies.
“We wanted to bring the computational power promised by quantum computing to the market today,” said Aurélie Hélouis, CEO and co-founder of infinityQ. “While quantum will eventually revolutionize computing, most experts agree that quantum devices will take another decade or more to mature. We, on the other hand, have developed a completely different approach — “quantum analog computing.” It is analog in two ways — referring to analogies with atomic quantum systems as well as to analog electronics. In practice, this means infinityQ develops computational capabilities by using artificial atoms to exploit the superposition effect and achieve quantum computing capabilities without the error correction and cryogenics tax. This allows the company to utilize several times less energy than a typical CPU and that its machine’s energy consumption is the same as a common light bulb.
Led by a former senior Navy officer, Aurélie Hélouis, and co-creator of both the Discoverer supercomputer and the infinityQube, Dr. Kapanova, infinityQ’s novel device is positioned to address some of the most challenging computational problems faced in enterprises, including finance, pharmaceutical, logistics, engineering, energy and more. While currently the company is focused on optimization problems, infinityQ is not limited to them.

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