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IBM VP Says ‘Africa Needs Next Generation of Students to Be Quantum Ready’

By IQT News posted 18 Jun 2019

(IOL.co.za) In a recent speech, Dr. Solomon Assefa, a VP at IBM Research Africa commented “For Africa to remain competitive for the coming decades, the next generation of students need to be quantum ready.”
IBM announced the expansion of its quantum computing efforts to Africa in a new collaboration with Wits University. Wits is the first African partner on the IBM Q Network and will be the gateway for academics across South Africa and to the 15 universities who are part of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA).
“What we have done over time is to make the quantum computer accessible over cloud. So we have been forming these quantum networks around the world for many reasons.” He added that having the quantum network around the world would allow them to educate and prepare future talent that will be able to advance and utlilize the quantum computer.
Researchers at Wits will investigate the use of quantum computing and machine learning in the fields of cosmology and molecular biology with a specific focus on HIV drug discovery. The teams will also jointly study quantum teleportation, a field pioneered by IBM Fellow Charles Bennett

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