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IBM Quantum Offers Advanced System Access at No Cost to Academic Researchers

By IQT News posted 06 Jul 2020

(IBM.QuantumBlog) IBM Quantum just launched the IBM Quantum Researchers Program, which provides access to more systems and greater share of systems to do better research. Researchers with projects that require even deeper access such as microwave pulse control may apply for special awards for periods of time sufficient to complete experiments and publish papers.
This program is intended to enable and support the burgeoning community of people around the world who are approaching the field and exploring the ways in which they can contribute.
The IBM Quantum Researchers Program provides access with higher share of the open systems. Also, researchers will be able to reserve time during which their jobs jump to the front of the queue with priority mode queuing. In addition, certain premium systems not available to the general public will be provided, and a private Slack channel will facilitate community discussion. The program is open to researchers in the field and is provided at no cost. Researchers can sign up now.
The IBM Quantum Researchers Program also provides a way for researchers to apply for even deeper access for periods of time sufficient to complete experiments and publish papers. These access awards are geared to those defined, time-bounded projects which require access to pulse level access on more than the 1-qubit machine available to the public.

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