By IQT News posted 05 Nov 2020

(SiliconRepublic) A new €11.1m project has launched with the aim of uniting Ireland’s various quantum computer research groups. The €11.1m Quantum Computing in Ireland (QCoir) initiative will work on a software platform integrating multiple quantum bit technologies being developed in Ireland.
QCoir partners include Equal1 Labs, IBM, Rockley Photonics, Maynooth University, the Tyndall National Institute, University College Dublin and Mastercard. The project received €7.3m in funding under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund, a €500m fund established under Project Ireland 2040.
“Quantum computing is seen as the future of computer technology,” said Dr Emanuele Pelucchi, head of epitaxy and physics of nanostructures at Tyndall, based at University College Cork.
Tyndall’s CEO, Prof William Scanlon, added that the partnership will set the foundations for a “national quantum ecosystem”.
“It brings together hardware and software providers with application users, and sees multinationals working side by side with researchers and SMEs,” he said.

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