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IBM Hosts First of Three Webinars on Quantum Computing; HPC Says “It Was a Treat”

By IQT News posted 28 Jul 2020

(HPC.Wire) IBM held the first of a planned series of webinars on quantum computing – the first one on “The Future of Quantum Software Development” and HPC says “It was a treat.”
Moderated by long-time Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond, the panel included three prominent quantum community voices with diverse quantum expertise – Blake Johnson (control systems delivery lead, IBM, and formerly Rigetti), Prineha Narang (Harvard professor and CEO/founder, Aliro Quantum), and tech entrepreneur William Hurley (CEO/founder, Strangeworks).
HPC discusses the series and the first webinar in depth. Also provided is the transcript of the webinar.
The panel discussion was casual and substantive if not technically deep, and IBM has posted a link to it. Next up is a webinar on Building a Quantum Workforce (July 28) with there are plans for another in late August (no date yet) on Commercial Use of Quantum Computers.
Here are a few themes from the discussion.
1) Fast Followers Will Lose!
2) It Will be a Hybrid World.
3) QA isn’t Far Away (Maybe).
4) Expanded (Developer) Conversation Needed.

IBM Hosts Panel of QC Experts at Roundtable ‘The Future of Quantum Software Development’

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