By IQT News posted 30 Dec 2021

(IQT-TheHague) Hyungsoo (Hans) KIM, Director & Leader of Quantum Infra Innovation Team, KT, has agreed to speak on Panel 4: “Testbed in China and other Asian countries” at IQT The Hague.
Hans (Hyungsoo) Kim has worked at KT (Korea Telecom) R&D part from 1993. He had successfully led outstanding projects in relation to B-ISDN (Broadband-Integrated Digital Network), NGN (Next Generation Network), IP QoS (Quality of Service), Smart Grid, 5G and AI. Now he is responsible for leading the Quantum Technologies, as a Director of Quantum Infra Innovation Team in KT. Dr. Kim has a Ph.D. in electronics engineering from Kon-Kuk University.
In addition to his role in KT, Dr. Kim has participated ITU-T based international standards activities, since 1997. Now he is working as a vice-chairman for ITU-T Study Group 13 and Chairman of Working Party 1/SG13. He is also leading the QKD network-related Y.38xx series standardization in ITU as an editor, including ITU-T Recommendation Y.3800 (the world first QKD network standard).

Inside Quantum Technology The Hague Conference and Exhibition will be held as a hybrid event February 21-23, 2022. This is the foremost gathering of business leaders, product developers, marketing strategists and investors anywhere in the world focused on quantum internet. Over 1,000 people will be attending this event (both in-person and online) from all over the world and from every area of quantum computing.

This conference includes panels and keynotes on topics related to the future of the Quantum Internet.

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