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How Much Can you Earn Working in Quantum Computing?

By IQT News posted 13 Dec 2019

(E-FinancialCareers) How much can you earn working in quantum computing? The H1B salary database offers a few pointers: IBM recruited five people on H1B visas to its quantum recruiting team this year. They include: three quantum solutions developers in Yorktown Heights, on salaries of between $120k and $125k, one quantum applications researcher in San Francisco on a salary of $250k, and one quantum computing applications researcher in San Jose on a salary of $145k.
Goldman Sachs has been looking for someone to lead its quantum computing unit, which already employs Stanford PhD Rajiv Krishnakumar. JPMorgan has a quantum recruiting researcher in the form of Nikitas Stamatopoulos (a Dartmouth PhD) in New York and hired a quantum computing researcher in New York in March on a salary of $150k according to the H1B database.

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