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How China Could Use Ships, Satellites and Quantum Computing to Fight America at Sea

By IQT News posted 25 Dec 2019

(NationalInterest.org) This a fictional story based on a scientist who builds a career in quantum tech for the purpose of using her knowledge on the behalf of the Chinese military to fight America at sea. The fictitious female quantum tech scientists first studied at MIT, took a first job in Silicon Valley, then a high paying research fellowship with DARPA and IBM followed by her eventual return home to the China’s PRC. Secretly the scientist was an intel officer with the Chinese ministry of state security known as the MSS.1 The assignment was initially very broad: infiltrate American industry but the scientist’s personal interest in quantum computing was of great interest to the Chinese state and they supported her in her quest to learn even more.
The saga evolves and we meet the character in a secret laboratory where a Chinese quantum computer is ready to crack encryption in embedded systems and operations technology. The concept is to see if the Chinese can crack the data and control feeds of satellites over the South China Sea controlled by America and her allies.
The story then segues to the American side which loses connection to the entire fleet and US intelligence does not know if the blackout is caused by satellites or computer systems. Fictitious conversations between Naval officers on the ship are recounted, “We have lost connection to convoy 16 operating in the South China Sea.”
NOTE: A lengthy and frightening future potential incident.

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