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Hanwha Systems Entering the ‘Quantum Cryptography Communication’ Market

By IQT News posted 14 Sep 2020

(KoreaIT.Times) Hanwha Systems is moving to secure “quantum cryptography communication’ technology, which will be a new shield in the quantum computing era.
Hanwha Systems announced on Sept. 13 that it will participate in a pilot infrastructure construction and operation project for quantum cryptography communication, which was sponsored by Korea’s National Information Society Agency (NIA) as part of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Digital New Deal Plan. This project was carried out with the goal of securing global technology competitiveness and vitalizing quantum network markets by applying quantum cryptography communication to various industries on a trial basis.
Hanwha Systems will participate as a demand agency in the industrial sector along with SK Broadband, the organizer, and ID Quantique, the world’s No. 1 company in quantum cryptography communication, a subsidiary of SK Telecom.
Through this project, Hanwha Systems will build a quantum cryptographic communication network that is applied with core technology of quantum cryptography communication within this year in the ICT sector at the headquarters of Yeouido, and the exclusive network of Jukjeon data center. It is planning to verify security and stability while operating it for three years.

 NOTE: Hanwha‘s website ABOUT explains it is is a leading global total solutions company providing differentiated smart technologies in defense electronics and information infrastructure. In August 2018, Hanwha launched a new ICT division after merging with Hanwha S&C. The  ICT division represents our advanced defense IT and system integration capabilities that to be more market competitive. The IT & system integration capabilities combined with product portfolio is to differentiate and position the firm to to lead in defense electronics, and allow us to naturally expand into areas of public infrastructure and private security.

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