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Germany Investing 3.3 Billion Euros in European Space Exploration Including Quantum Encryption for Secure Communications

By IQT News posted 02 Dec 2019

(SpaceWatchGlobal) Germany is investing 3.3 billion euro in European space exploration overall–with telecommunications’ focus on quantum encryption for secure communications. Germany is now the European Space Agency’s largest contributor, ahead of France. Germany also wants to strengthen small and medium-sized German space companies.
Quantum Encryption & Integration of Satellite Tech and 5G
In telecommunications (ARTES programmes), the aim is to support innovative technologies and products for the global commercial market. The main focus is on the Core Competitiveness (CC) programme, optical communications (ScyLight), commercial applications (Business Applications and Space Solutions; BASS), Secure Satcom for Safety and Security (4S) and the Partnership Programme. With a financial contribution of 80 million euro for ScyLight and 60 million euro for 4S, Germany has secured a leading role. In the CC Programme, Germany increased its contribution to 67 million euro and doubled its BASS contribution to 37 million euro. Germany contributed 65 million euro to the Partnership Programme, including Electra with an in-orbit demonstration, and 13 million euro to the framework programme for the support of satellites needed for the 5G mobile communications networks. “Germany is very well positioned in the satellite telecommunications sector. Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of components and support system capabilities with a focus on secure communications – the keyword here is quantum encryption – to integrate satellite technology and applications into the new 5G mobile networks and above all to continue technological and political leadership in optical laser communication,” says Walther Pelzer. One example is the planned optical communication network Hydron, which is designed to provide fast connections for users with high data transfer requirements, supplementing and complementing the terrestrial fibre optic network.

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