By IQT News posted 05 May 2021

(IQT-NYC) Georges Reymond, CEO, PASQAL; has agreed to speak on Panel 2: Quantum Processors: Novel Architectures and Technologies” at 10:45 on May 17 at IQT-NYC Online.
Georges graduated with a master’s degree and a PhD degree in Quantum Physics from the group of Philippe Grangier, which is now headed by Antoine Browaeys. He pioneered the technology that is now at the heart of Pasqal, being the very first to demonstrate the control of single atom with optical tweezers.
He then moved to industry, where he developed high tech products in fields as diverse as biotechnology, defense or semiconductors. He worked for 14 years as a project manager, bringing photonic technologies to the market. He developed high-resolution fluorescence imagers for biotech, thermal camera and sight for the defense industry, and contact-less sensors for the control of silicon wafers.
In his last position he was leading a team of 10 engineers and PhDs in charge of developing the new products and technologies of Unity SC.
His experience was accumulated both in Startup/SME and in big corporates (Safran Group with more than 70000 employees). He is the author of 9 patents.
In 2018, resuming his thesis work, he worked on the creation of the first French hardware company dedicated to quantum computing. He co-founded Pasqal in March 2019, with the vision to leverage the technology developed at Institut d’Optique in Palaiseau (France) for more than 10 years to build quantum processors based on neutral atoms ordered in large 2D arrays.

“(IQT)…has quickly become the quantum industry’s leading conference.”
-ZDNET, Nov. 2, 2020

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May 20 Morning — Quantum Policy and Funding QUEBEC and INTRIQ

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