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Futurex Announces Post-Quantum Hybrid Certificate Security Solution

By IQT News posted 24 Feb 2020

(PRNewswire) Futurex has announced a post-quantum hybrid security solution to help enterprises, IoT device manufacturers, government agencies, and others more efficiently prepare for the advent of quantum computing. Futurex is the first company to deliver a post-quantum hybrid certificate authority offering that integrates certificate lifecycle management within a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated hardware security module (HSM).
Futurex’s Key Management Enterprise Server (KMES) Series 3 embeds both conventional and quantum-safe algorithms within a single container. Under this hybrid approach, organizations can supply quantum-safe certificates to their devices that can lay dormant until needed. Until then, they can use conventional algorithms and continue operating without impact to their existing ecosystem. The hybrid solution incorporates quantum-safe cryptography and standardized X.509 digital certificate technology from ISARA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of quantum-safe and crypto-agile security.
“Organizations face a challenging and difficult road ahead to full quantum readiness,” said Ryan Smith, vice president, global business development at Futurex. “With our hybrid approach to key management servers and HSMs, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping our customers make a smooth and efficient transition to a post-quantum world.”

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