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Fujitsu Launches Next Generation Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer Service

By IQT News posted 24 Dec 2018

(HPCWire) Fujitsu has announced the Japanese launch of the second generation of its Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer Cloud Service. The service utilizes Fujitsu’s unique Digital Annealer architecture to quickly solve combinatorial optimization problems, drawing on an innovative design inspired by quantum phenomena. The second generation service can be applied to increasingly complex real-world problems in businesses and society, including manufacturing, financial services, retail and distribution as well as drug discovery, and can be expected to see use in various industries and fields.
Fujitsu will offer the Fujitsu Quantum-inspired Computing Digital Annealer as an On-Premises Service starting in February 2019.
Features of the Service:
1. Provides world-class scale and precision with full bit intercoupling;
2. 2. Stable operations due to digital circuitry;
3. 3. Automatic tuning mode option available.

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