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How Federal Agencies Can Unleash Quantum Cryptography

By IQT News posted 07 Jun 2019

(FederalNewsNetwork) The value proposition of quantum cryptography is very promising for federal IT decision-makers. From the Department of Defense to the Intelligence Community and many other corridors of the US government, agencies compile and store massive volumes of highly classified and even top secret data. If quantum cryptography makes it a hundred times more difficult – or an improvement of exponentially more profound impact – for “bad guys” to crack systems and steal the data, then these decision-makers have a duty as public servants to seriously explore and invest in this technology.
Agencies should strongly consider the following, suggested best practices:
–Begin with a quantum hybrid approach.
–Embrace industry-government collaboration.
–Designate – and empower – authority to make this happen.
Only time will tell whether quantum cryptography lives up to our hope-inspired vision. But we will not get there without full and focused commitment and collaboration on the part of our government, academic and industry leaders and thinkers.

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