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Experts at Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing Report Chinese Breakthroughs & Challenges in Quantum Technology

By IQT News posted 28 Sep 2021

(GlobalTimes.cn) Zhongguancun (ZGC) China has been at the forefront of several quantum areas, and while there is still significant opportunity to pick up the pace of quantum development, China faces many difficulties, including enterprise and capital participation, level of basic research, talent cultivation and improving sector-wide industrial chains, experts said at the Zhongguancun (ZGC) Forum in Beijing.

New advances
China’s latest advance of quantum technology was launched at the ZGC Forum – a long-life superconducting qubits chip, which can make qubit decoherence time reach 503 microseconds, a new world record.
The chip was launched by the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS), which said during the ZGC Forum that the advance represents that China has come to the forefront in the quality of superconducting quantum chips in the world.
The ZGC Forum also outlined the latest progress and development direction of quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum precision measurement and other related frontiers.
Back in July, the Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) successfully developed a refrigeration equipment that can provide an environment of near absolute zero without using liquid helium.
Chinese enterprises have also made breakthroughs. QuantumCtek Co, for example, its independently developed Quantum Random Number Generator, named QRNG100E, has passed the commercial encryption detection of the State Cryptography Administration in July, which is the first quantum random number product that has passed such detection in China.
Analysts also noted that enterprises and investment institutions are necessary in the development of quantum technology in China.”Funds and angel investors should enter the quantum industry. As they have done in the US. Their biggest push is to make quantum development profitable and make a connection between research and production. We should let the market decide. Otherwise, the industry cannot achieve a healthy development,” You Li, professor of physics at the Tsinghua University and also research fellow of BAQIS, said on Sunday at the ZGC Forum.

Apart from talent training, analysts also mentioned the US crackdown on China’s technology development, such as the embargo of semiconductor equipment, which is crucial to the quantum technology.

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