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evolutionQ Awarded Contribution from Canada Space Agency for QKD Network Research and Development

By IQT News posted 12 Aug 2020

(PRWeb) evolutionQ was awarded a Space Technology Development Program (STDP) contribution by the Canadian Space Agency to develop solutions to advance satellite-based secure quantum communication services and tools to address challenges related to satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) networks.
QKD technologies leverage the fundamental laws of quantum physics to distribute confidential cryptographic keys between two users, while detecting the attempts of malicious third-parties to intercept such keys. Unfortunately, typical terrestrial methods to establish such direct secure connection between locations are limited to relatively short distances, of the order of at most 200 km. This is clearly a challenge for a country as vast as Canada. Satellite-based QKD will enable secure, reliable, and economical key-sharing across Canada.
“A powerful quantum computer has the power to decimate today’s cryptography. As key quantum computing milestones are achieved, the need for quantum-safe solutions intensifies,” said Dr. Michele Mosca, President and CEO of evolutionQ. “Robust cryptography is absolutely necessary for our safety and the proper functioning of our digital economy. We must adopt quantum-safe solutions to secure and safeguard our critical infrastructures, financial services and intellectual property.”
The initiative will also help Canada safeguard sovereignty in the quantum age and strengthen Canadian leadership in the space and quantum sectors. The initiative aligns with the new Space Strategy for Canada, the safety and security principle in Canada’s Digital Charter and the Government of Canada’s Innovations and Skills Plan.

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