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Every Business Leader Should Have Basic Understanding of How Quantum Technology Works

By IQT News posted 13 Feb 2020

(CFO.com) Every business leader should have a basic understanding of how quantum technology works, the kinds of problems it can help solve, and how she or he should prepare to harness its potential.
Quantum computers have the potential to resolve problems of this complexity and magnitude across many different industries and applications, including finance, transportation, chemicals, and cybersecurity.
Quantum computers are a lot faster than the machines in use today. But those gains are mitigated by the fact that quantum computers don’t deliver one clear answer. Instead, users get a narrowed range of possible answers. In fact, they may find themselves conducting multiple runs of calculations to narrow the range even more, a process that can significantly lessen the speed gains of doing multiple calculations at once.

Four High-Potential Applications.
1. Cut development time for chemicals and pharmaceuticals with simulations.
2. Solve optimization problems with unprecedented speed.
3. Accelerate autonomous vehicles with quantum AI.
4. Transform cybersecurity.

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