By IQT News posted 24 Feb 2021

( The European Commission has announced a set of new flagship projects as part of its ‘Action Plan on Synergies’ between the civil, defence and space industries, which aims to reinforce the competitiveness of EU industry at the intersection of these areas.
The communications project aims to provide resilient and high-speed connectivity for everyone in Europe based on quantum encryption, while the traffic management project is required for avoiding collisions that may result from the proliferation of satellites and space debris in orbit, while also ensuring autonomous EU access to space.
Other actions include creating a framework for enhancing cooperation between these areas; identifying critical technologies and developing technology roadmaps for these technologies, and supporting start-ups and SMEs by facilitating access to new opportunities through an “innovation incubator” network.
Internal market commissioner Thierry Breton added: “Ensuring strong synergies between defence, space and civil technologies will generate disruptive innovations and allow Europe to remain a global standard setter. It will also reduce our dependencies in critical technologies and boost the industrial leadership we need to recover from the [Covid-19] crisis.”

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