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Enterprises will use quantum computing to improve their business processes

By IQT News posted 15 Feb 2022

(Forbes) Bhagvan Kommadi, Founder of Quantica Computacao, discusses the evolution of quantum computing and how enterprises can utilize this technology to improve their business processes. Inside Quantum Technology summarizes with particular attention to Kommadi’s perspective on quantum in the enterprise.

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Kommadi writes that “. .I believe that by 2023, there could be quantum computers operating with thousands of qubits. . With that amount of qubits, you can basically simulate multi-universes.”
In the future, quantum computers will be used for things like quantum chemistry and machine learning.
Rose’s Law suggests that the computing power of the quantum computer doubles every two years. The quantum computing model has further evolved with concepts such as quantum parallelism, quantum Hilbert space and quantum entanglement. This all adds up to massive computing power. It is widely accepted that quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that would take a classical computer longer than the age of the universe to solve. Just imagine solving a problem in real time using a quantum computer that used to take classical computers ages to solve. A quantum simulator can be used to help simulate the quantum computer on a classical computer since quantum algorithms can be executed on the simulator.
Quantum cognition is based on a quantum-like brain. Everyone is familiar with the human brain as a biological neural network. Our brains can process information using that complex network of neurons. Similarly, the quantum cognition community wants to simulate the biological brain in the quantum computer. Quantum cognition will help in handling superposition states. Another area being developed is quantum chips, and, alongside that, quantum hardware. Quantum chips are being used in materials discovery and design, space technology, nanotech and wearable technologies. Some believe that quantum chips will be popular in daily life sooner than the quantum computer.
Quantum algorithms and quantum computing are becoming popular in different verticals. The applications developed are delivering results much faster than the classical algorithms. Exponential speedup is expected once quantum computers are more widely available. Quantum clouds are being developed by different companies, which allow developers to deploy applications and simulate the quantum computer.
Many enterprises are adopting quantum algorithms and waiting to get into quantum computers to cut down their budgets for processing and computing. Enterprises use computing power to make decisions and cull out trends and information about the market. Quantum computing can have a big impact on enterprises by making them faster in decision making.

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