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Engineer/Attorney Brestoff takes a look at the evolution of quantum technology and patents in USA

By IQT News posted 22 Nov 2021

(IPWatchdog) Nick Brestoff, an attorney with two engineering degrees—a B.S. in Engineering Systems from UCLA and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering Science from the California Institute of Technology who formerly practiced law in California. During the last 18 months of his career, he was “of counsel” to Cotman IP, a patent law firm in Pasadena, CA.
Brestoff searched for a key word or phrase in the Claims field of the USPTO database.
For the annual data, Brestoff searched the USPTO for “quantum computing” in the Claims and for the Issue Date on an annual basis. The bar graph for “quantum computing” is surprisingly similar to the bar graphs for deep learning and blockchain. He commented, “We are living in a time when deep learning, blockchain and quantum computing are rapidly emerging, and almost simultaneously”.
The total of all US Patents on November 16, 2021 was 322. Keep in mind that the 2021 total is for a partial year as of November 16. Since there are six more Tuesdays in 2021 (when new patents are announced), Brestoff predicted a year-end for 2021 of 150 or more. From 1990-1997, there were 0 patents listed.
Brestoff cites a copyrighted chart THE QUANTUM COMPUTING PATENT LAND RUSH which readers can access by clicking here.  Total annual number of quantum computing patents in 2017 was 6; 2019 was 45; 2020 was 76; total in 2021 on November 16 was 89.

A helpful analysis of global quantum computing patents is here.

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