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Why Quantum Computing Could Be a Geopolitical Time Bomb

By IQT News posted 07 Nov 2019

(GZeroMedia) The US, China, Russia, and other countries are racing to roll out national strategies, cultivate talent and pump money into quantum computing. Why? Most important, according to this author, is the fact that whoever can build a powerful enough quantum computer might be able to use it to CRACK ALL OF THE CODES.
A powerful enough quantum computer might be able to crack codes in just a few hours, giving whoever owns it access to other countries and their citizens’ most sensitive secrets.
That would be a geopolitical earthquake. The big question isn’t if, it’s how: will it be a surprise when it happens? If so, buckle up. If one country suddenly gained an ability to crack its adversaries’ codes it might be tempted to use that power to its advantage, while rivals that suddenly wake up to find their most sensitive information compromised might feel a strong temptation to lash out defensively, heightening the risk of global conflict. A quantum surprise could also have immediate destabilizing effects on the economy if people suddenly feared their money was no longer secure and sparked a run on the banking system.

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