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Doge Protocol releases quantum resistant blockchain Testnet with Block Explorer

By IQT News posted 01 Mar 2022

(Benzinga) Community-driven blockchain Doge Protocol has announced the release of its Testnet backed by state-of-the-art quantum resistant cryptography to secure both user accounts as well as inter-node communication from quantum computer threats.
Codenamed “T0”, the Doge Protocol Testnet uses Falcon crypto scheme for Digital Signatures and NTRU HRSS for key encapsulation. The utilization of the Falcon and NTRU HRSS crypto schemes makes Doge Protocol one of the first blockchains to secure both inter-node communication and accounts using Quantum Resistant cryptography. This Testnet utilizes Clique consensus while a subsequent Testnet will shift to PoS consensus.
This Testnet also changes the UDP discovery protocol to accommodate larger packet sizes by using forward error correction (FEC) technology. The transport layer has also been updated from using ECIES to NTRU HRSS for key encapsulation. A new handshake scheme has been introduced that closely follows the TLS specifications as detailed in RFC 8446. The final application encryption keys are derived using HMAC HKDF as detailed in RFC 5869.
“We are excited to share with all that we have just released our Testnet that will help us to test the waters before the launch of our final Mainnet. It comes with Quantum Resistant Cryptography to ensure optimum security from quantum computer threats. As part of the Testnet release, we have also released the Quantum Resistant blockchain node software. The node will help to connect to the blockchain as well as send/receive transactions and check account balance”, stated a spokesperson from the Doge Protocol community.
Doge Protocol is a Quantum Resistant Blockchain that uses PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus.

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