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DOE Under Secretary Discusses Innovation, Quantum Computing & the ‘Arrow of Time’

By IQT News posted 07 Nov 2019

(TheHill.com) Paul Dabbar, the Under Secretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy, discusses innovation broadly, and hones in on the implications of quantum computing in this thoughtful essay on a news site devoted to political news.
Dabbar says that humanity and America are at a special point in time, due to where we are on the prospects for innovation across a wide set of areas.
One critical area of innovation is in quantum information technologies. Dabbar explains, “This discovery is a critical turning point for quantum computing. It calls for us to continue our efforts in research & development across the federal science and technology enterprise. It calls for us to continue and expand our international collaborations in this field as well. Investment by the federal government, academia and industry into cutting edge innovation, in concert with the entrepreneurial culture of researchers and business, makes for a potent combination.
The development of quantum systems, and the algorithms and software needed to use them for the many promising applications already envisioned, is an active area of research at DOE and other federal agencies.
Work continues across the DOE complex to advance quantum information systems (QIS). A number of DOE’s 17 National Laboratories are researching QIS technology, including quantum sensors, and developing techniques for data analysis.
The country called on DOE to invest in the future and we answered, says Dabbar, with historic results for innovation. The Arrow of Time is pointing toward an exciting future.

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