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DOE Awards $61 Million to Projects Developing Quantum Devices or Quantum Internet Following Urging by Private Sector to Invest in Practical Quantum Projects

By IQT News posted 30 Aug 2021

(FedScoop) The Department of Energy has awarded $61 million in funding to quantum information science (QIS) projects developing quantum devices, or paving the way for a quantum internet.
DOE awarded $30 million to projects strengthening U.S. competitiveness in QIS, $25 million to projects creating quantum internet testbeds and $6 million to projects developing quantum internet building blocks through a competitive, peer review process.
The grants come a month after private sector experts urged agencies, including DOE, to invest more of their budgets in practical quantum projects that advance the industry and a little more than a year after the department released its nationwide quantum internet blueprint.
Industry experts criticized DOE for investing in esoteric, moonshot-type quantum projects — whereas foreign adversary China has seen success mobilizing its industrial and academic bases to work on more practical projects — at a Center for Data Innovation event in July.
The experts pointed to quantum infrastructure and enabling technologies like lasers and cryogenic cooling as starting points, and DOE’s latest awards include $2.8 million for projects to develop devices that send and receive quantum network traffic and another $3.2 million across research and infrastructure projects that will hopefully accelerate discoveries enabling nationwide quantum internet.

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