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Denmark has been selected as location for the new NATO Center for Quantum Technologies

By Sandra Helsel posted 07 Apr 2022

(InvestDK) The Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen will host a new NATO Center for Quantum Technologies. Inside Quantum Technology News is pleased to share this announcement.

The NATO Center for Quantum Technologies will include an accelerator site and incubator where companies can mature their technology and bring it to the market with sparring and input from world leading scientists from the Niels Bohr institute and other Danish universities. The Center will also host a test center facility and laboratory where quantum technology can be developed and tested, including components in quantum sensors, quantum encryption devices and quantum computers. The new center is part of NATO’s Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). DIANA aims to keep the NATO countries technological edge by promoting new and disruptive technologies in the alliance.
Denmark is home to a vibrant and innovative quantum ecosystem built on the legacy of Niels Bohr’s discoveries and the team of leading physicists he brought together in Copenhagen in the 1920’s. In the collaborative spirit of Niels Bohr, the Danish application to NATO was developed in close cooperation between several ministries, universities, business associations and the Danish Quantum Community. Companies from the NATO countries that will participate in the accelerator and test site will benefit from the open, innovative and collaborative spirit in the Danish Quantum ecosystem.

We are thrilled and proud that Denmark and the Niels Bohr Institute has been selected as the location for the NATO Accelerator and test site for Quantum Technologies. Denmark already has one of the strongest quantum ecosystems in the world and we look forward to welcoming quantum companies from NATO member counties to Denmark. Today’s announcement is a big boost to the quantum industry in Denmark and confirms that Copenhagen remains the Capital of Quantum Mechanics. We stand ready to welcome and assist companies that want to join the Danish quantum ecosystem.”
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director of Invest in Denmark 

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