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Dell Technologies Test Hybrid Emulation Platform for Quantum Computing via Qiskit

By IQT News posted 28 Sep 2021

(ZDNet) Dell Technologies said it has been testing a hybrid emulation platform that can enable developers to run quantum applications on classical infrastructure. Dell Technologies is betting that the quantum computer won’t replace all classical computing. Both quantum and classical compute will be accessed via the cloud most likely, said Dell Technologies CTO John Roese.
In a blog post, Roese outlined the emulation platform, which used Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd and IBM’s Qiskit Runtime, an open-source container service for quantum computers.

For developers, the win is being able to use the Dell-IBM emulation platform to test applications, algorithms and other use cases.

Details of the Dell Technologies’ hybrid emulation platform are posted on Github.
Key points include:

  • The hybrid emulation platform executes on both classical and quantum processing on cloud native platforms like Kubernetes. Previously, developers had to submit data and workloads for processing via the cloud.
  • Each quantum circuit no longer needs to be executed and wait in queue separately.
  • Workloads can be run on-premises.
  • The hybrid approach may save money by giving developers choices to optimize for costs.

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