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Defense Innovation Board Advocates ‘Zero-Trust’ Network Model with QKD

By IQT News posted 07 Aug 2019

(TheHill.com) The U.S. military has a major decision to make regarding next-generation warfare.
The Defense Innovation Board, a group of technology leaders who advise the Pentagon, wrote in a report on 5G issued earlier this year that “[a]s sub-6 becomes the global standard for 5G, it is likely that China … will lead the charge. This would create security risks for [Defense Department] operations overseas that rely on networks with Chinese components in the supply chain.”
Next, the DIB report says DoD must prepare to operate in a “post-Western” wireless ecosystem. This means assuming all network infrastructure will ultimately become vulnerable to cyber-attack from both an encryption and resiliency standpoint.
As a result, the Board argues, DoD must adopt a “zero-trust” network model. This includes moving to so-called “quantum-resistant key exchange mechanisms” to ensure our codes can’t be hacked by the Chinese. While this may create headaches in the short term, it is the only way to ensure protected communications down the road.
NOTE: Click here to read a PDF of the Defense Innovation Board report.

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