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DARPA Launches Quantum Bio-Computing Incubator; Info on FedBizOpps Website

By IQT News posted 13 Aug 2019

(Sociable.co.technology) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s (DARPA) Polyplexus portal is an online, professional, technical conversation between the research community and DARPA Program Managers that will lead to the opportunity to submit abstracts and full proposals for a research and development project. DARPA has just launched the addition of four new incubators on the Polyplexus portal. One of the four, the Quantum Bio-Computing Incubator, will explore whether some biological phenomena manifest and exploit quantum entanglement. Click here to read the announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities website.
“If there is a distributed or non-local role for entanglement in, for example, robust fault tolerant information transfer in DNA replication, a deeper understanding could impact not only our appreciation of biology and medicine, but also could advance quantum computing and neural interfaces to computers using molecular electronics,” the incubator description reads.
The Quantum Bio-Computing Incubator will be headed by Dr. Michael Fiddy, who manages a number of programs at DARPA including, but not limited to, ‘RadioBio’ and ‘Fundamental Limits of Photon Detection.’
“It’s great to have this innovative platform that allows me to connect directly with the broader creative, scientific community and accelerate innovation in this area,” said Dr. Fiddy in a statement.
DARPA Defense Sciences Office intends to make at least one award of up to $100,000 and one year duration as a result of this process.

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