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DARPA Issues Solicitation for the High Density Connectorized Cryogenic Cables Project

By IQT News posted 12 Aug 2021

(Miliatary.Aerospace.QuantmComputing) Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., issued a solicitation on Monday for the High Density Connectorized Cryogenic Cables project.
Cryogenic cables are for use in low temperatures, and are made of low-thermal-conductivity metal materials on center and outer conductors, which minimize affect of low temperatures from outside the cables.
e goal is to create a new type of high-density data cable for superconducting electronics applications with high density, low attenuation, low crosstalk, and low heat load.
One of the more difficult aspects about developing a superconducting electronics technology at low temperatures of about 10 millikelvin is the lack of suitable commercial input/output data cables, DARPA researchers explain.
Existing solutions often either are proprietary or are very-low- density coaxial cables. When they are available commercially, moreover, connectorized cryogenic cables often are only available from non-U.S. vendors.
High-quality cryogenic data cables are an extremely challenging. High quality cables should be simultaneously low loss and low heat load, which are goals that often are directly at odds.
DARPA researchers are looking for high-quality cables with many channels per cable, and with very low crosstalk. These competing requirements likely will demand a creative solution, experts say.

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