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‘Dancing with Qubits’ is #1 of BookAuthority’s 13 Best New Quantum Computing Books To Read In 2020

By IQT News posted 22 Jan 2020

(BookAuthority) Dr. Robert Sutor’s recently published “Dancing with Qubits‘, has been termed the #1 best new quantum computing book  to read in 2020 according to BookAuthority.  Dr. Robert (Bob) S. Sutor, VP – IBM Quantum Ecosystem Development, IBM Research, is the keynote of the upcoming Inside Quantum Technology event in NYC Apr 2 at 8:30.

Dancing with Qubits is a quantum computing textbook that starts with an overview of why quantum computing is so different from classical computing and describes several industry use cases where it can have a major impact. From there it moves on to a fuller description of classical computing and the mathematical underpinnings necessary to understand such concepts as superposition, entanglement, and interference. Next up is circuits and algorithms, both basic and more sophisticated. It then nicely moves on to provide a survey of the physics and engineering ideas behind how quantum computing hardware is built. Finally, the book looks to the future and gives you guidance on understanding how further developments will affect you.
Really understanding quantum computing requires a lot of math, and this book doesn’t shy away from the necessary math concepts you’ll need. Each topic is introduced and explained thoroughly, in clear English with helpful examples.

What you will learn
See how quantum computing works, delve into the math behind it, what makes it different, and why it is so powerful with this quantum computing textbook
Discover the complex, mind-bending mechanics that underpin quantum systems
Understand the necessary concepts behind classical and quantum computing
Refresh and extend your grasp of essential mathematics, computing, and quantum theory
Explore the main applications of quantum computing to the fields of scientific computing, AI, and elsewhere
Examine a detailed overview of qubits, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms

Who this book is for
Dancing with Qubits is a quantum computing textbook for those who want to deeply explore the inner workings of quantum computing. This entails some sophisticated mathematical exposition and is therefore best suited for those with a healthy interest in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science.

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