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Dan Garrison, Senior Managing Director, Accenture; Will Deliver the Sponsor Keynote for the “QUANTUM END USERS AND APPLICATIONS” Vertical May 20 at IQT-NYC Online

By IQT News posted 06 May 2021

(IQT-NYC) Dan Garrison, Senior Managing Director, Accenture; will deliver the Sponsor Keynote for the “QUANTUM END USERS AND APPLICATIONS” Vertical at 1:10 May 20 at IQT-NYC Online.
Dan, Senior Managing Director, is a leader in applying emerging technologies to challenging business problems. A multiple patent-holder on several quantum-based applications, he guided the creation and development of Accenture’s cutting-edge Quantum Computing Program, which helps clients, across industries, consider and develop the use of and deploy quantum technology.
In addition to his executive leadership role with Accenture’s Quantum Computing Program, Dan is also the Global Delivery Lead for Accenture Interactive, the world’s largest digital agency.
His experience and skills set strike a unique balance between technology visionary and pragmatic business leader that have made the difference between program failure and success for many Fortune 500 companies over several decades. Mr. Garrison has an uncanny ability to quickly comprehend highly technical topics and communicate them in a way that aligns business and technical objectives to achieve success. He is a collaborative and charismatic leader who knows how to build and manage high-performing teams.

Accenture Sponsors “Quantum End Users & Applications” Vertical May 20 at IQT-NYC Online

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May 17 Morning — Quantum Computers + Quantum Processors IBM

May 17 Afternoon — Quantum Safe (QKD + QRNGs + PQC) QUINTESSENCE LABS

May 18 Morning — Quantum Sensors COLD QUANTA

May 18 Afternoon— Quantum Materials and Components ZURICH INSTRUMENTS

May 19 Morning — Quantum Clouds and Service Providers

May 19 Afternoon — The Quantum Internet TOSHIBA

May 20 Morning — Quantum Policy and Funding QUEBEC and INTRIQ

May 20 Afternoon — Quantum End Users  ACCENTURE

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